Traning Short Courses

We provide plenty of quick Management short courses and training session and courses to start with that will later lead to proper specialization courses. Our Youth entrepreneur platform offer training classes in a whole lot of niches and topics. For the time being our short courses lectures will be pre-recorded and available on our website. But in the future, we will announce live virtual classes for your guidance and better understanding so that all the students can actively join and take part in activities. 

Training sessions

The greatest benefit for you is that you can arrange your session of training class online and offline. We are all prepared for setting up a training area for your session at any time.
Enhance your profession by analyzing one in every one of our digital programs and end up an asset for destiny employers. 

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Training sessions:

  • Offers up to 10 hours of content, divided in lessons for ease.
  • Teaches in-demand talents in a manner this is engaging and accessible
  • Includes 18-course units to train confidence and assertiveness, time control and moral behavior, admiration for diversity, innovative problem-solving, and more
  • Offers up to ten hours of content, damaged into bite-sized classes for easy, on-the-cross learning
  • Optimized for smartphones and reachable on any internet-enabled device